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Learn A Little Bit About Wisper Internet

Wisper prides itself on being the best in customer service and satisfaction. We always take the extra step to make sure every customer is treated with the service they deserve. With a knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly staff, Wisper is here for you.

9711 Fuesser Road
Mascoutah, IL 62258

Joplin Office
4743 Gateway Drive
Joplin, MO 64804

Toll-Free (800) 765-7772
Fax (866) 282-3580

Headquarters Hours of Operation

Technical Support Hours
Monday – Sunday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Billing Hours
Monday – Friday  8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Sales Hours
Monday – Friday  8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Joplin Office
Monday – Friday  8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

How Wisper Got Its Start

Nathan Stooke | CEO Wisper ISP

Wisper was created in 2003 when Nathan Stooke decided to make a change from owner of a software company to entrepreneur in the wireless Internet field. Stooke’s neighbor, a local business owner, could not find a high speed Internet option at his office only two miles down the road, despite being able to get both cable and DSL at their home. More than six months of research on “How Wireless Internet Works” and three maxed credit cards later, Wisper ISP was born. Wisper was built from the ground up, focusing on underserved rural areas. News of the new high-speed Internet option spread like wildfire in the broadband-starved/broadband-deficient community, as grateful new customers eagerly told all of their friends and neighbors.

As customer referrals increased, Wisper quickly outgrew Stooke’s two-car garage that Wisper called home. By 2006, Wisper had grown from that first business customer to 2,500 customers and 16 employees. Wisper moved their operations into an old barn that had been renovated to fit the needs of the growing business.

Today, Wisper is still headquartered at that quaint old barn in Belleville, Illinois but there are additional remote offices in Mt. Vernon, IL, and Joplin, MO. Now boasting a staff of 70, Wisper is considered a leader in the wireless industry because of their creative problem solving, excellent customer service and experienced employees.

Our Core Values


Wisper creates a positive culture that motivates employees to excel professionally and personally.

 Wisper provides a variety of training programs, friendly competitions, and engagement activities.


Wisper customers, big or small, receive the same high level of attention.

 Wisper focuses on customer relationships through communication.

 Wisper admits when we make mistakes – earning customers for life.


Wisper prides ourselves on being an industry leader.

Wisper employees solve problems through customized solutions.

Wisper created a house repeater out of the necessity to provide Internet to customers that need it most.


Wisper is committed to enhancing the communities in the areas we serve.

Wisper offers free service to fire stations and discounted service to schools and municipalities.

Wisper is active in many small community fundraisers by donating time, money, and materials.

MEET our Talented Leadership TEAM

Our team is here and ready to help you in any way! We're social! Connect with us!

Nathan Stooke
Chief Executive Officer

Nathan Stooke is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Wisper. When not swimming, Nathan likes to share his experience starting a company and spreading the word about Wisper.

Ian Ellison
Chief Technology Officer

Ian Ellison is Wisper’s Chief Technology Officer. He has worked with networking and computers his whole life.  When he isn’t too busy upgrading our network or writing code, you can find him jamming away on his guitar.

Malinda Heuring
Marketing Manager

Malinda is Wisper’s Marketing Manager. She has many years of marketing experience that include a background in the nonprofit world. On her off days, Malinda spends her time with family, cooking delicious food.

Kylee Brown
Human Resources Manager

Kylee Brown is Wisper’s Human Resources Manager. Previously she worked for the government working on contracting and proposals. She is quite the trivia enthusiast.

David Gress
Operations Manager

David Gress is Wisper’s Facility Manager. His variety of previous positions and extensive knowledge have lead him to this role. He has also proven to be quite the handy man.

Richard Gorman

Richard is our Operations Manager in Joplin, MO.

Allen Dorsey Jr.

Allen brings over 30 years of experience in Leadership, Business Management, Finance, Consulting, Administration, and Sales. He is a strong advocate for personal and professional development that enhances one's ability to be effective in their role. When he is not working, Allen invests time with his family and friends to enjoy all that life has to offer.