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Whether you live in a suburban or rural area, Wisper helps keep you and your family connected with the people and things you value most.

Feel Free to enjoy lightning-fast downloads and quick access to information, entertainment, education and streaming video.

Unlimited Internet Feature

Wisper’s Internet Services carries a variety of packages depending on your needs.  All packages include unlimited downloading and uploading, 5 email accounts, and NO hidden fees.

Installation fee is based on contract term

2 Year agreement: $50

1 Year agreement: $150

Month-to-month: $200

Not all packages available in all areas

$54.99per month
    • 10 Mbps Download

    • 2 Mbps Upload

    • Best for multiple users

    • Stream Movies | Online gaming | Download music

$79.99per month
    • 15 Mbps Download

    • 3 Mbps Upload

    • Best for small business or work-from-home

    • Download multiple HD Movies | VPN | Upload videos

$94.99per month
    • 20 Mbps Download

    • 4 Mbps Upload

    • Best for business or serious users

    • Videoconference | Lots of users | Major uploading

Wisper Care Plan

The Wisper Care Plan provides you with peace of mind that your wireless equipment will be maintained with no surprise out of pocket costs to you.  Benefits include a leased router, no charge service calls, and telephone assistance in setting up all your new wireless devices.

Price: $9.95/Month

1.  Router: Confused on which router you need to work with your Wisper Internet?  Wisper will provide you with a wireless router and set up all appropriate channels and Wi-Fi in your home.  Wisper will replace the router at no cost in the event that it quits working.

  • No up front cost to purchase a router
  • Peace of mind that experts are setting up your secured router and home Wi-Fi system
  • Worry free replacement of Wisper supplied wireless routers 

 2.  Service Calls: Did you know that Wisper charges $80 per hour for most service visits?  As part of the Wisper Care Plan, this rate is waived when our support team deems you need a service call. 

  • New roof and need your dish moved? No problem
  • Dog chew through your wires? No problem
  • Lightening strike your dish?  No problem
  • No surprise charges for service calls

 *Dispatch will schedule your service call for the date / time that the first available tech will be in your area.  An additional charge will apply for expedited calls.

 3.  Connecting Multiple Devices: Did you know that Wisper support technicians can help you connect multiple devices to your Wisper Wi-Fi?  In the past, a fee was charged to connect multiple devices.  Now with the Wisper Care Plan that fee has disappeared.  

  • No need to call multiple company’s support lines to set up your new phone, tablet, or gaming console.
  • A one-stop shop to get all your devices connected to your Wisper Wi-Fi over the phone in minutes.