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Unlimited Internet

Have you been told that high-speed Internet is not available in your area? Wisper’s Internet service is available in areas not traditionally served by DSL or cable Internet.

It is faster, less expensive and more reliable than satellite Internet and no telephone or cable service is required.

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Unlimited Phone

Tired of paying huge phone bills for local and long distance service?

Wisper’s phone service helps you save money every month by using your existing high-speed Internet connection to make calls in the US.  You get everything you’d expect from a traditional landline.

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Cut the Cord

Are you looking to   cut the cord from cable or satellite?   Would you cord-cut if it were cheaper than your current bill?

Many options for video streaming are available and make it possible to “cut the cord” and save you money.  Call Wisper today for more information!   800-765-7772 

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